Enjoy a moment of well-being during your stay in the Ardèche. We offer three massages but don’t hesitate to inquire about other available welllness teatments.

Relaxation massage with essential oils

A relaxation massage with essential oils soothes and and reduces stress and anxiety ; it improves the blood and energy circulation in the body and assists in the body’s removal of toxins.

60 minutes : 60€


SHIATSU is a Japanese energy-oriented therapy used to assist the circulation of breath and energy, both vital to wellbeing. After a series of stretches and pressure applied along the acupuncture meridians at specific points, Shiatsu massages unblock and facilitate energy flow, bring about physical and spychological balance and harmony and relieve stress and tension.
Please wear light, loose clothing for this massage.

60 minutes : 60€

Serenity treatment

This serenity treatment includes a relaxation massage with essential oils, a Shiatsu reflexology foot massage and a soothing Shiatsu face and scalp massage.

Relaxing and calming, this treatment helps to calm the nervous system giving an overwhelming sense of serenity

70 minutes : 75€