The work bubble within the bubble of fresh air in the Ardèche.

The Château offers those elements that allow relaxation and reinvigoration : open spaces, woods, meadows, park and the stones of history.
… an inimitable space for workshops and think tanks.

The high standard facilities offer a working environment that can be punctuated by coffee breaks and pauses for reflection and reassessment.

Place for work – relaxation – dining – reflection and mindfullness.

Contact us to organise your professional workshops in the Ardèche.

Tailored professional workshops

With its welcoming facilities and surrounding environment the Château du Besset can meet all of your training course requirements and can also offer a tailored neuro linguistic program « to communicate more harmoniously within oneself and with others » .

Contact  us and together we can develop a program that corresponds to your NEEDS and EXPECTATIONS.

Current programs focus on stress and conflict management.

Single-day or multi-day programs can be developed and we can utilise our knowledge to meet your needs.